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Magnet Mask

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The magnetic mask uses high quality oils and minerals to enrich the skin, refine its tone and texture and reduce the signs of aging. Treat yourself to a unique spa experience in the comfort of your home and discover radiant skin with vitamins A, E and C, essential fatty acids, antioxidants and other nutrients.


  • Detoxifies pores, reduces wrinkles, eliminates blackheads, excess sebum (oily skin), removes acne pimples and cleanses your pores
  • Ensures the elasticity and health of your skin
  • Gives a radiant complexion
  • Accelerates the cellular regeneration of your skin
  • Complete facial care, gives a perfect face


The complete kit includes:

Natural Magnetic Mask with Essential Oils and Minerals 50 ml

Mask applicator

Magnetic rod

A product offered: Vegetable charcoal powder for white and seine teeth (initial value: 14.90 euros).


Sandra T. - Paris 

"In the space of two weeks, my skin changed completely. I had a lot of stitches on my face and a little oily skin. My skin is clearly clearer and prettier. It's really the best product I've had so far in facial care. It's even the only product that really worked on me."

avant après masque naturel aux huiles essentielles magnétique lolyboo


Pamper your skin with nutrients

Korean scientists know that amino acids are the secret to building healthy and beautiful skin. They strengthen the connective tissue and keep the skin smooth, elastic and younger-looking. The moisturizing amino acid complex nourishes your skin with these amino acids.

masque naturel aux huiles essentielles magnétique lolyboo



The hydration index indicates the value of the moisture your natural skin retains over time. The amino acid complex of the magnetic mask keeps your skin hydrated and hydrated and helps to slow the signs of aging. This cleanser exfoliates and protects against fine lines and sun damage. The result is a cleaner and more beautiful skin.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I use the mask?

The mineral magnetic mask is safe enough to use 2 to 3 times a week. Simply apply a thin layer of the mask to your face with the applicator, avoiding the eyes, and let it work for at least 5 to 10 minutes. We recommend evening applications so that your skin has time to fully absorb all the powerful nutrients.

Should I rinse the mask with water?

No. Do not rinse the mask with water. The mask is formulated with enriching vegetable oils, amino acids and key ingredients that you will want to infuse for maximum benefit.

What is the strength of the magnet?

The magnet has a lifting capacity of more than 3000 grams. It is very powerful and can attract all metals, including some jewellery.